Introduction is country’s one of the leading and largest movers and packers network. It does all sort of shifting one can imagine of ranging from home shifting, office shifting, car transportation, bike transportation, home relocation, corporate shifting, and other types of vehicle transportation. It also provides warehouse and logistics services. One would be surprised to know but it also provides the facility of cargo shipping and pet moving along with giving trucks on rent.

Company’s insights and reviews

The company has more than 10,000+happy customers, 500+vendors, 5600+ domestic shifting and 1000+domestic shifting. There all vendors are verified so that there can be no adjustment with the quality of service. Besides this, their team is always available to resolve any type of query around the clock. One can dial their support number 24x7. believes in improving their services constantly to cater the best relocation services.

Breaking stereotypes

If you are a believer of the notion that shifting of any kind (house shifting, office shifting, industrial shifting) or even the international shifting is an off-putting task. Then, you must avail the services of to break the stereotype. Because, is a top notch company available at your end.

Privacy policy of

However, has some privacy policy and one must go through it appropriately to discard any sort of skepticism. The privacy policy of the company basically describes how the company treats your personal information which you provide while using or visiting the respective company’s website. The company is devoted to maintain the privacy of the personal information received by the user.

The company has a rigid and firm stand about not discussing or disclosing any client personal information with any person excluding the cases that meet the terms of law and to protect the organizations rights. All the information which is received by the company either through mail or through any other sources like digital forms or enquiries is not used for any other purpose except for the purpose it has been provided in the first place.

Identity disclosure criteria

The exception remains valid and might agree to disclose and use distinctiveness and personal information to safeguard the company’s intellectual rights. The company may also reveal the desired personal information when the law requires it to do so.

The company’s or the website owner can’t be held responsible for the contents provided in the external links. Therefore, the user must take proper caution before clicking on the external links provided in the website pages. The company tries its level best to provide safe and error-free external links but doesn’t take the guarantee of any type of loss faced by the user by clicking on any of the external links. Besides, the company is also not liable to own up to any type of responsibility for the contents provided in the links that is not supplied by the website itself. To believe or not to believe, to go or not go according to the given information relies fully and solely on the user.

There are also third party vendor such as Google which uses cookies to serve ads to these organizations. What Google does is, it use DART which uses dart cookie which is a very high level one. What the dart cookie does is it serves the advertisements to the users based on the users recent visits on various website present on the internet.  However, the user if wish can sign out from the use of dart cookie that is the Google. Users can do it by visiting the Google site and later going through their privacy policy by following some uniform resource locator.

External links

Advertisement and sponsored links may also appear in the webpage. It basically appears because the advertising partner of the webpage does it so. Clicking on any of these external links will redirect the user to a whole different webpage. The company shall not be held liable for the information provided in the external links webpage. When the user clicks on any of the external links he may be asked to allow cookies to access the user information. The links use cookies to provide the user the best of best information.

What usually cookies do is whenever they open such pages that comes under these blog websites, a notification is popped up which ensures that whether you will allow the cookies to access your information. After you allow cookies to use your information what they do is they gather your data and your likes and dislikes and based on that whatever future results  they show  you is based on the given information that is being extracted by your device through the use of cookies. The company is not responsible for any of the information provided in any of the links.

Privacy policy - subject to change

The user should also keep an eye on the privacy policy. It may be subjected to change from time to time. The company’s keep posting its guidelines regarding the privacy policy. So the user must be a frequent checker to know the guidelines at its best. The privacy policies are subjected to change without any notice. So the user cannot be held responsible for it.

The privacy policy is applicable when you surf, access or even visit the websites pages. When you visit the webpage you agree to the privacy policies laid by the company. You agree that the information put forward by the user is lawful and do not violate any laws. In case it infringes or violates any laws. The user entertainment on the website shall not be held liable against the same.

The user or the viewer of these web-pages must frequently keep refreshing the page as the privacy policy of these websites keeps changing. So to keep a check that one is not violating any law it is necessary to check it periodically because the policies changes without any notice.

Whatever personal information user provides to the company’s website it is saved. It is saved so that it can be use for future needs. The primary goal of doing this is to provide the best experience to the user in all aspects. The personal information garnered is used to extract information of the particular user need and then it used for administer and promotion. This information is also found beneficial when the user raise his brow regarding any issue. The issue is resolved and the queries answers is based on the personal information procured earlier. This process helps the company to provide the best experience to its users.

Company’s own cookies

The company also provides its own cookies. The cookies which is provided by the legit website helps the user to save the time and garner useful information in a very short-time. To procure this facility the user must allow the cookies access to its personal device in the first place. Later, what happens is for example the user does not have to put up basics details like its log in id and password time and again. The cookie shall remember it and whenever you will open the page to log-in; the cookie shall automatically fill in all the details. The websites takes whole and sole responsibility of any damage done by the use of these cookies. However, the company is strict to its guidelines and cannot be held responsible for any of the information given by the external links. The user can decline the use of cookies at any instant regardless of the fact whether it is provided by the website or it is provided by any external link. emphasize on the thing time and again that it is responsible for what and not responsible for what stuffs.

Users’ responsibility is a legit and verified company. Its services are liked by more than thousands of people nationally and internationally. All its staffs are registered and verified staffs. However, any client wish to procure its facility must go through its privacy policies and also go through the guidelines given by them. The client must check the website and also go through the information provided in the website consciously. The client should check all the packers and movers detail before making a deal.